Daily Archives: August 1, 2017

Well done Dr Konstantinos Gerasimidis!

We are delighted to announce that in recognition of his excellence in research and teaching of health professionals in nutrition and dietary therapy, Dr Konstantinos Gerasimidis (Kostas) has recently been promoted to Senior Lecturer in Clinical Nutrition by the University of Glasgow.

Kostas has gained funding from charities, the National Institute of Health Research, the Medical Research Council and industrial partners. He has published 45 papers, most of them exploring nutritional and dietary aspects in people with inflammatory bowel disease.

With collaborators from the University of Glasgow and NHS he has generated a cumulative income of £3.5 million to conduct research in the area of inflammatory bowel disease. Kostas is currently running a team of 9 PhD students, 4 post-doctoral researchers and two research assistants.

He is a great supporter of the Catherine McEwan Foundation and has been involved in many studies supported by money we have raised!

Well done Kostas…We are very proud of you and proud to work with you!

Here is a great picture of Kostas, looking all James Bond!


Congrats to Russell!

We are delighted to announce that in recognition of his achievements within the field of paediatric gastroenterology especially inflammatory bowel disease Richard Russell has recently been promoted to the position of Honorary Professor by the University of Glasgow.

Richard has published more than 100 papers with most of them relating to inflammatory bowel disease. With international collaborators he was recently awarded a grant of more than 6 million Euros from the European Union to investigate new treatments for children with IBD.

He is currently the chair of the paediatric European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation and is the lead of the children’s IBD team in the West of Scotland.
Richard and has team have worked with the Catherine McEwan Foundation closely for the past 9 years and our work together has proven to be very successful. To say we are proud of what he has achieved is an understatement.

Well done Professor Russell!