It’s a Knockoot! – Team Information


Teams should ideally be a mix of male and female with up to 10 members. The games are designed so all abilities can enjoy them. Everyone in the team will be given the opportunity to take part in all the games if they want to and no one will be forced to participate. The emphasis is to enjoy them; it’s not just speed and fitness games.


The games will be a mix of relay games (maybe where one at a time the team members collect pieces of giant jigsaw puzzle to assemble), or team games (where everyone helps each other simultaneously, maybe like the welly-plank game).

The scores are sometimes worked out by comparing the times that teams have taken to complete a game, sometimes a game has a set time (say 4 minutes) and we see who has collected or scored the most.

The actual games will depend on the show booked. The games will be a balance between lucky, funny, team and relay games. We aim for an all-round fun show for everyone taking part.


We give extra points to teams that come in fancy dress. So why not choose a team theme? Pirates, nurses, clowns etc. There are also extra points for… designing your own Joker Card, having a Team Mascot and Team Cheerleaders. This gives all teams the chance of winning and not just the athletic ones. We also give extra points according to how much money you’ve raised – so don’t forget that getting sponsored will boost your score before the games have even started!


Each team can ‘play their Joker’ on one game. At the start of the show the games will be briefly explained to you. From this you work out which game you feel you will do best on.

To play your Joker you tell the It’s A Knockout timekeeper or commentator before the whistle is blown for your heat. Then on this game you will get double points. Remember, you get extra points for designing and bringing your own Joker.



All team members must be available for registration and briefing at 12pm on the day of
the event. Don’t forget to bring your signed Team Entry Form and any outstanding entry fees/sponsorship.


Sensible footwear is advised along with a towel and change of clothes — as you will get wet!


These will be available on the day and there will be a secured area for small valuables. If all team members could place valuables/ money / phones etc into one bag/holdall this will be secured prior to games starting if required.


Free parking is available


The games arena will be a roped off area about half the size of a football pitch. Only participants of the games can enter. Lanes of games will be set up with each game normally ran one at a time. Games use 3 teams per heat, so there could be a number of heats of each game. Care should be taken when traveling within the games arena, as the inflatables will be staked down. Safety-mats are used to comply with Health & Safety regulations.


Although the games are fun we take your safety seriously. We have an ongoing program of safety and we regularly consult professional bodies to keep our games as safe as possible. The most important issues form the oasis of our TEAM ENTRY FORM, which all taking part must sign. Please be aware the nature of the games means a level of fitness is required. Please listen to the instructions and demonstrations and do not deviate from them. Because of the current ‘compensation’ culture, this is the only serious thing to be aware of. Please be aware of safety, it is in everyone’s best interest.

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